India Visa Application Guide


1. Are you a citizen of:
• Bhutan
• Nepal
YES – Do not need a visa
NO – Answer question below
2. Do you have a diplomatic or official passport from:


Argentina Egypt Mauritius Singapore
Bangladesh El Salvador Mexico South Africa
Belarus Guatemala Mongolia South Korea
Brazil Guyana Morocco Sri Lanka
Brunei Honduras Mozambique Syria
Bulgaria Hungary Myanmar Tajikistan
Cambodia Indonesia Namibia Thailand
Chile Israel Nicaragua Tunisia
Colombia Kazakhstan Paraguay Uruguay
Croatia Kyrgyzstan Peru Venezuela
Cyprus Laos Philippines Vietnam
Denmark Malaysia Russia  
Ecuador Maldives Serbia  


Afghanistan Greece Norway Turkmenistan
Armenia Japan Poland Ukraine
Cuba Lithuania Romania  
France Macedonia Sweden  
Germany Malta Turkey

YES – Do not need a visa
NO – You will need an India Visa


1. CONFIRM the nearest India diplomatic mission to apply for a visa.
MEA | MEA Links : Indian Missions Abroad
2. ASSEMBLE required documents for your India Conference Visa Application
• 1 Qty. - Valid Passport
• 1 Qty. - Visa Application Form
• 1 Qty. - 2 x 2 Passport Photo
• 1 Qty. - Local Host Letter
• 1 Qty. - Clearance Letter from Ministry of External Affairs
• 1 Qty. - India Clarification Letter from Ministry of Home Affairs
• 1 Qty. - Flight Confirmation
• 1 Qty. - Hotel Confirmation
• 1 Qty. - Additional Particular Form For Visa Services
• 1 Qty. – India Visa Application Fee Payment
• Additional Required Documents (as required)

3. COMPLETE online visa application form (45-min process)
4. PRINT application form
5. SUBMIT your application package
Refer to instructions per the India visa website on how to submit your application and how to pay your fees to the nearest India visa processing company / diplomatic mission. Depending on the country, an in-person interview maybe required which will be determined at the time of submission.
6. CONFIRM visa processing time to make sure you will receive your visa before your date of departure.
7. RECEIVE your India visa
Visa Questions?


1. Start Visa Application
2. Local Host Letter AKA Clearance Letter - 2 Working weeks to receive
3. Visa Processing - 2 Working weeks to receive (may vary per location)


1. CONFIRM the nearest India diplomatic mission to apply for a visa
MEA | MEA Links : Indian Missions Abroad
2. PROVIDE your original current valid passport – 1 Qty.
• Your passport should be valid for 6-months beyond your stay in India. If your passport expires between August 2016 – April 2017, please re-new your passport.
• Have at least two (2) blank passport pages.
3. COMPLETE and PRINT India visa application form – 1 Qty.
• Apply for a "CONFERENCE" visa – you cannot apply for an e-visa. If you try to enter the country with an e-visa, you may be denied entry.
• Complete every questionnaire honestly and leaving no question blank. Any question where it does not apply to you; indicate "NA" or "NONE"
• Confirm the visa processing time with the processing company / diplomatic mission.
• Any errors on the printed form cannot be modified by pen/pencil at the time of submission.
4. PROVIDE recent 2 inch x 2 inch passport type photograph – 1 Qty.
• Photo must be in color, front view, and with a plain/white background.
• No head covering / no hats.
• Have a soft AND hard copy.
5. RECEIVE Local Host Letter
• By applying for the APAN43 Invitation Letter, APAN43 will submit all information provided on the application page to the meeting local host for the purpose of obtaining a local host letter automatically. The local host will email the "Local Host Letter" directly to you.
• Allow estimated 2 working weeks to receive.
• Please check your junk/spam folder if you've received the local host letter. Please do not apply twice on the Invitation Letter website for a letter.
6. DOWNLOAD and PRINT Clearance Letter from Ministry of External Affairs
7. DOWNLOAD and PRINT India Clarification Letter from Ministry of Home Affairs
8. PROVIDE Draft Flight Itinerary – 1 Qty.
9. PROVIDE Hotel Confirmation – 1 Qty.
10. COMPLETE Additional Particular Form for Visa Services – 1 Qty.
• Have all questions answered with a "YES" or "NO." Do not use "N/A", "Not Applicable", or "None"
• Do not have any corrections visible, crossing, or white out, and the signature must be original.
• Either type or entirely handwrite the form. If handwritten, the same color ink must be used.
11. PROVIDE India Visa Application Fee Payment – 1 Qty.
12. CONFIRM with India visa processing company/diplomatic missions on how to submit and pay for your completed application.


lease use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari internet browsers when applying for the visa online. Do not use Internet Explorer. 1. Go to:
2. Click on "Regular Visa Application"

3. Continue Completing Online Visa Application
UNDER VISA TYPE SELECT: Conference / Seminar Visa

4. PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR TEMPORARY APPLICATION ID. You will need this ID in case you need to return to your application at a later time.

DATE OF EVENT: 12-17 February 2017
VENUE OF THE EVENT: Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
NAME OF ORGANIZER: Confederation of Indian Industry
ADDRESS OF ORGANIZER: Core 4A, 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi- 110003
PHONE OF ORGANIZER: +91-11-43516236
PURPOSE OF VISIT: Seminar/Conference

Confederation of Indian Industry
Core 4A, 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre,
Lodi Road, New Delhi- 110003
Personal Reference:
This can be your neighbor, employer, or colleague. The reference cannot be a close relative/spouse/or someone living with you under the same roof.

5. Attach and upload soft copy of your passport type photo.

6. Confirm / Validate you provided the correct information on your application. If accurate and correct, press "Verified and Continue." Press "Modify/Edit" if you need to make changes.
7. Print your application form
You receive a NEW WEB REFERENCE NUMBER from the government site which will now be the number to be used to track the status of your VISA application and for all references to your application.

8. Paste your hard copy passport type photograph to your application.
9. Sign the application – in two places:
a. 1st Page – Beneath your color photograph
b. 2nd Page – End of Page
Signature on the application form and passport should match.